Darren Eaton

Darren Eaton, of Papa John’s Pizza, said they will be donating all their profits from all of their restaurants in Atlantic Canada on June 11 to the fund. (CBC)

Some businesses in New Brunswick are doing what they can to support the families of fallen RCMP officers.

The restaurants are donating their profits to the Moncton Fallen RCMP Members Memorial Fund.

The funds will help the families of Const. Dave Ross, Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan and Const. Douglas James Larche, who were killed in the line of duty last week in Moncton. 

Darren Eaton, an official with Papa John’s Pizza, said they will be donating all their profits from all eight of their restaurants in Atlantic Canada on June 11 to the fund.

Eaton himself was allowed in parts of the restricted area last week giving pizza to RCMP officers.

“I was quite astonished at the level of impact that this has had on myself personally and I'm sure a lot of our employees and our franchise partners,” he said.

“Hopefully, we'll all make it through this just fine.”

Audrey Savoie-Poirier is joining many other employees at Papa John’s Pizza who are also donating some of their wages to the memorial fund.

“It's not an easy thing, but if we can help them make it a bit less painful that would be good,” she said.

Moncton shooting funeral family members

The family of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Douglas James Larche, one of three officers who were killed last week, reacts during a regimental funeral Moncton, New Brunswick, June 10, 2014. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

On the other side of town Tony’s Pastries is donating all of their profits from pastry and coffee sales on Tuesday to the same fund. 

Chef Tony Holden said they get a lot of RCMP officers coming by in the morning for coffee.

"We really feel a lot of sympathy for the families and for the community as well. But I think it's not only that, it's the healing process for us as well."

Heidi Gregoire, the manager of the Old Triangle Alehouse in Moncton, said the pub is also donating proceeds from some of the its sales to the memorial fund.

She said that many RCMP officers who have been in the pub in recent days have not had to worry about picking up their tab at the end of the night.

Customers often see a table of police officers and ask to pay their bill.

“It's happening quite a bit, so people are taking the bill, taking the drinks, taking the food,” she said.

“It is just really surreal to know that people are really caring that much about people [and people are] coming to Moncton and really helping support the community here.”

Anybody who wants to contribute to the Fallen Members fund can donate online. 

There are other ways to help the families of the three slain RCMP members.

A texting campaign has been organized by former New Brunswick premier Bernard Lord. 

Anyone who wants to donate can text "Moncton" to the numbers 4-5-6-7-8. Donors will be asked to confirm a $20 donation, which will appear on their next phone bill.

Lord said the Rotary Club of Moncton and the RCMP Foundation support the texting campaign.

The RCMP are also reminding people to be wary of scams that seek to capitalize on the shooting tragedy.