Moncton is building a new snow dumping site to pile up the city's unwanted snow. (CBC)

Moncton is building a new snow dump site as the city is starting to run out of places to pile up its unwanted snow.

The new site will be built on land the city already owns off Berry Mills Road, which is near the landfill site.

The city anticipates that construction will start this year and the snow dump facility will be ready for use by next winter.

Don Morehouse, the director of public works, said funds for the $750,000 project have already been allocated in the city's capital budget.

"We are looking at upgrading the entrance to allow for basically a large vehicle to pull out and also turn in. We are also trying to put a berm up for esthetics and also for any type of noise dampening effects," he said.

"We plan to build sediment ponds to basically capture any kind of snow melt or run off, that way if there is anything in the snow that we don't want it to get into the water course, which is Jonathan Creek that is where we are going to capture that kind of stuff."

Morehouse said the snow dump will be used by municipal snow clearers, but it will also be available for private contractors to use for a fee.

He said opening up the site to others will cut down on illegal dumping and offset costs.

"We have set up basically a gate system similar to a parking lot where you buy credits on a card and you can come in and access the site and then leave," he said.

"So that way we are trying to put it towards the site, being self sufficient and able to generate enough use that it actually offsets the costs to operate it."

Moncton already operates three snow dump sites in the city: behind the old landfill near the causeway traffic circle, behind the Moncton Coliseum and on Harrisville Boulevard beside the Trans-Canada Highway.