A court case involving an eastern New Brunswick cattle farmer who claims heat rays killed his cows, has been adjourned until May.

Werner Boch is facing two charges of failing to provide proper food and water to his animals during the spring of 2011.

He took the stand in his own defence in Moncton provincial court on Friday.

Boch went through a booklet containing pictures of cows he says were burned by lasers or corrosive gases and described their injuries.

He previously posted a video on the internet, claiming there is a conspiracy against him. He said he lost up to 200 cows in the past 10 years and that authorities were refusing to take him seriously.

Under cross-examination on Friday, Boch said about 10 cows died on his farm during the spring of 2011. He also admitted he had seen injuries on the cows.

Boch told the court he wants to call some witnesses. A full day has been set aside on May 7.

The Crown presented its case in September.

A veterinarian testified he found a pile of carcasses buried under hay bales, another dead animal in a brook, and he was told of others buried in the woods.

Boch refused to allow a dead calf to be taken to the provincial lab, opting to instead perform his own autopsy, the court heard.