A cattle farmer in eastern New Brunswick is on trial for failing to provide proper food and water to one of his cows, but argues there is a conspiracy against him.

Werner Bock said he believes his animals died either from corrosive gases or laser beams.

Bock is charged with failing to give one of his cows adequate medical attention but he told a Moncton provincial court last June that someone is after him and his animals.

Bock accuses the RCMP and veterinarians of ignoring what's happening on his farm near Moncton.

He said he's lost up to 200 animals in the last 10 years and he's posted a video on the internet where he claims to expose the mystery. The farmer said heat rays are to blame for the death of his cattle.

Tuesday, the Crown called the veterinarian who examined Bock's cows last spring. Out of a herd of 50 cows, 10 died.

Dr. Charles Mallet said that's 20 per cent of the herd, way above the norm of three per cent for most farms.  

Mallet said Bock told him the veterinarians in Moncton and Fredericton are incompetent. He also described his visit to Bock's farm.

He said he found a pile of carcasses buried under hay bales, another dead animal in a brook, and he was told of others buried in the woods.  

Bock objected to the veterinarian's expertise, saying Mallet is no expert on injuries caused by "direct energy weapons."

Bock said corrosive gases or laser are killing his cows. He refused to allow a dead calf to be taken to the provincial lab, opting to instead perform his own autopsy.  

Bock said he has brought his concerns to four previous ministers of agriculture, as well as premiers Frank McKenna, Shawn Graham and David Alward. Bock told the judge, that the RCMP, the SPCA and provincial veterinarians are out to get him.

To back that up, he quoted a former chief inspector for the SPCA in New Brunswick. He said that person told him, "nobody is doing anything with your cattle. It's all in your head."