Greater Moncton International Airport

The Greater Moncton International Airport says it set a new record last year when 648,000 passengers came through its doors. (Courtesy of Vantage Airport Group)

Call it the contrails of success. Last year, 648,000 passengers went through the Greater Moncton International Airport — a new record.

Andre Pelletier, the chair of the airport's board, attributes the increased traffic to two factors: workers going to Alberta and seafood heading to Europe.

Pelletier points to a new trend of companies setting up charters to fly their workers to and from Alberta.

"To give you an example, last fall we were getting six to eight flights a week. We're now getting 14 a week," says Pelletier.

The airport is also seeing a pay off from its $24-million investment into a new 3,048-metre (10,000-foot) runway. A 747 cargo jet is now making weekly trips to Belgium carrying seafood.

"Just in the past week we shipped over 45 tonnes and next week we are expected to reach the 60 to 70 tonnes," says Pelletier.

With the free trade deal signed between Canada and Europe, Pelletier said he expects to see more companies using their runways. 

Pelletier says the airport is now looking at expanding its warehousing capacity to handle the future goods.