Greg Davis

Campbellton-Restigouche Centre MLA Greg Davis will not reoffer in September's election. (Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick)

A Campbellton businessman says he tried to get Progressive Conservative MLA Greg Davis to pay a bill for almost two years before finally getting the local party riding association to cover the invoice.

John Van Horne says he delivered the bill to Davis’s constituency office in Campbellton because the work was for signs and maps Davis had ordered for his office there and at the legislature in Fredericton.

But Van Horne was repeatedly stymied in his attempts to collect.

“We had a few talks about it, but not much action getting a cheque,” Van Horne said.

CBC News discovered the payment in the 2012 financial return filed by the Campbellton-Restigouche Centre Progressive Conservative association.

The document shows the association paying $2,339.10 for “J.V.H. Market & Design MLA office expense.”

“I appreciate that the riding association paid for it,” Van Horne said. “I guess they just didn't want to see a supplier unpaid. But the bill had been placed with the office of the member, and it just had languished there.”

This is the second known example of the PC party bailing out Davis, who was first elected in 2012.

MLA Greg Davis bill paid by local riding association

The Campbellton Progressive Conservative riding association paid more than $2,300 in 2012 for what is listed as an MLA office expense. (CBC)

Last month it was revealed the provincial PC party covered $5,125 in unpaid office rent the same year.

And this year, Davis’s office furniture was almost seized by the sheriff over $6,665 in unpaid rent. Staff at the legislature say that unpaid bill was “resolved” but there have been no details.

It’s still not known what Davis was spending his money on. He claimed the maximum $40,000 a year from the New Brunswick Legislature for office expenses in each of the last three years.

The Legislative Administration Committee is investigating Davis’s office expenses. It was expected to release a report last week, but that was delayed. It’s not clear yet when the report will be released.

On the same day sheriffs posted notices at Davis’s office threatening to seize the contents, Davis released a statement announcing he will not run again in the election being held this September.

He has not been available for comment since that announcement.