A woman originally from Saint John has been found safe and sound in southern France after she was reported missing nine months ago.

Shannon Sullivan was reported missing after she quit her job at a pharmaceutical company in Toronto and stopped paying her condo fees.

Terrance Sullivan, Shannon's brother, had travelled to Europe earlier this year to try and find his sister.

He found out Nov. 5 at his father's birthday party that his sister had been found.

"There's no word I could come up with really to describe everything that went through me," said Sullivan.

He said his sister was found by two police officers near the city of Nice, France. The officers recognized her from pictures they'd seen and after asking her some questions, determined it was her. The police officers contacted Toronto police, who in turn contacted the family.

Once Sullivan knew where his sister was, he was on a plane the next morning to go and bring her home.

Sullivan compared the trip to reunite with his sister to running the last mile of a marathon.

"You feel exhausted, but at the same time exhilarated," said Sullivan.

While the family never gave up hope, Sullivan said they still weren't ready for the call.

"We firmly believed we would find Shannon, but for it to actually happen it's not something we were ever really ready for," he said.

Sullivan said his sister is doing "very well" given the circumstances and is back in Canada.

He said she's not ready to go public with her story, but the family will support her if or when she decides to share her story with the public.