The Miramichi Salmon Association received a major donation from the estate of legendary war artist Bruno Bobak.

Bobak’s estate donated more than $400,000 in public securities to the association’s Miramichi Forever Fund.

The money will be used for projects such as ensuring cold water refuges for salmon, a growing need for the fish as a result of climate change.

Bobak, died last year, was a life member of the salmon association.


The estate of Bruno Bobak donated $400,000 to the Miramichi Salmon Association. (

Alex Bobak, the artist’s son, said his father was "completely smitten by this magnificent fish" and he was also aware of the need to protect the environment.

"He felt that as New Brunswickers we sometimes take for granted the God-given gift of the truly world-class watersheds that inspired so many of his paintings," Bobak said in a statement.

Manley Price, the chairman of the salmon association, said the donation is an "act of conservation leadership."

"It will contribute to conservation action both today and in the years to come and it will especially help to inspire the spirit of environmental sustainability among all who share Bruno’s affection and respect for the Miramichi, its people and its Atlantic salmon resources," Price said in a statement.