Social media page highlights more than 100 jobs in Miramichi

Social media page run by a Miramichi woman is highlighting jobs available in rural New Brunswick. Christel Walsh, who worked across Canada before returning to the Miramichi 10 years ago, said there are more jobs out there than many think and that's why she started the Facebook page Miramichi Jobs.

Christel Walsh, who started Facebook jobs page, says 'there's pretty much everything you could think of'

Christel Walsh has amassed a list of more than 100 jobs available in the Miramichi region on her Facebook page, Miramichi Jobs. (CBC)

A social media page started by a Miramichi woman is highlighting more than 100 jobs available in that area of the province.

Christel Walsh, who worked across Canada before returning to the Miramichi 10 years ago, said there are more jobs out there than many people think and that's why she started the Facebook page, Miramichi Jobs about a week ago.

"I expected it to be just mostly my friends because I thought I'd be helping them out, but actually it's a lot of people that I don't even know," said Walsh.

She said response so far has been quite positive.

"People are very grateful," she said, speaking to Information Morning Moncton.

Walsh said she has found positions ranging from minimum wage jobs at fast food outlets to nursing, teaching and even a posting for the coast guard. 

"There's bilingual. There's English. There's pretty much everything you could think of."

Walsh said she wanted to help people who might have difficulty navigating online job boards and at the same time demonstrate just how much opportunity there is in the region. 

A Miramichi woman has created a Facebook group to help people find jobs in the area. 6:12

New Brunswick's economy is continuing to sputter with the loss of 5,700 jobs in February, according to Statistics Canada. The province saw its unemployment rate increase to 9.9 per cent last month, up from 9.3 per cent in January.

Walsh said she plans to continue the page with the hope it will expand to include posts from employers and job seekers, a way for people to help each other out.

"As long as I can continue to help other people, and we can get our employment rates in the area up, I don't see a reason to stop it. My main goal would be that maybe businesses in the area would go onto the page and start posting their jobs ... or if other people knew about a job posting they would start posting as well."

With files from Information Morning Moncton


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