An official with Camp Sheldrake says a man is going around the Neguac area selling fake 50/50 tickets, claiming to be raising money for the camp. (Camp Sheldrake)

A children's camp is warning people in the Neguac area to watch out for a scam after complaints have surfaced about a young man trying to sell fake tickets.

Joan McEvoy, the chief administrative officer with Camp Sheldrake, said she was informed on Monday that a young man was going door-to-door selling 50/50 tickets and claiming the money was going to help Camp Sheldrake.

But McEvoy said the Catholic camp, which is for youth between the ages of eight and 17, is not holding a 50/50 fundraiser.

"We got in touch with the RCMP in Neguac, and actually the lady working in the RCMP office said, 'Oh, I bought one of those tickets,' she said, 'I thought it was a bit suspicious,'" said McEvoy.

She says it's upsetting that someone is using the camp's name to collect cash.

McEvoy said word of the fraud is spreading over social media and she hopes no one else buys a fake ticket.

The RCMP is investigating the complaints from the children's camp.

The camp is located 12 kilometres east of Miramichi.

The camp's website describes itself as a "a Catholic-based camp, affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint John, our program bases itself in Christian values and often focuses on the theme of social justice."