A 2.6-magnitude quake was felt in St. George and Pennfield early Tuesday morning. (Natural Resources Canada)

A minor earthquake was recorded northeast of Saint Andrews early Tuesday morning.

The 2.6-magnitude quake was felt in St. George and Pennfield, according to Natural Resources Canada.

Stanley Baldwin, who lives by Highway One in St. George, says it felt like a "small blast".

"I was watching TV and it was two minutes past midnight and it was quite a long rumble, like a giant thunder bolt you know, but it was travelling you know from almost like north to south."

No damage or injuries have been reported.

It's unlikely an earthquake of a magnitude less than five would cause any damage, according to seismologists.

The earthquake is the latest in a recent string of quakes in the province.

In May, a 3.2-magnitude quake rattled northern New Brunswick. The epicentre was about 30 kilometres west of Petit-Rocher.

On March 30, there was a 3.4-magnitude earthquake about 46 kilometres southwest of Bathurst.

McAdam area residents also experienced a series of tremors in March. Monitoring equipment recorded at least 20 bumps in the southwestern village over two months — what’s known as a "swarm."