It could be considered a form of therapy.

A new exhibit at the New Brunswick Museum celebrates the work of some talented artists in New Brunswick. The artists all have one thing in common: they all have some form of mental illness.

Mindscapes is a vast exhibition featuring more than 150 artworks.

This is the 10th annual Mindscapes event, organized by the Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick. 

The idea behind the show, which features the work of 94 New Brunswickers, is to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness.

Yenna Hurley is a program officer with the mental health association. 

"It's all about the artists and celebrating their bravery and their resiliency and how far they've come," she says. 

The show opened with a gala reception on Friday. Hurley says it's important to create a"safe environment" where the artists feel comfortable showing their work.

Mindscapes will be on display at the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John until the end of October.