New Brunswick film shows values of millennials in small cities

A new film by Hemmings House Pictures in Saint John explores what small cities can do to attract and maintain millennials.

New Brunswick's close-knit community could benefit millennials, not scare them away

Greg Hemmings is the founder and CEO of Hemmings House Pictures. (John England)

A new film by Hemmings House Pictures in Saint John explores what small cities can do to attract and maintain millennials.

The Saint John company points out the values important to the millennial generation in the film, The Millennial Dream.

"What they want is what generation X wants, what the boomers want. We want to live in sustainable communities, we want to honour the environment, we want to support local," said Greg Hemmings, founder of Hemmings House Pictures.

"They are demanding these values. We just think they're nice to have, not have to haves."

Hemmings says millennials have desires that contrast those of the old American dream.

"The old American dream is get things fast and really cheap … The millennial dream is make sure we are doing it right and sustainably."

The main question Hemmings is exploring in the film is, "what are some of the different value sets that the younger generation today are leaning on that we don't have or aren't supporting, or could support more?"

He says entrepreneurship is a recurring theme in the film, giving young people the tools to create their own work while also solving some pressing social problems.

"Things like poverty, obesity, or any other social issue …These small towns that are well connected and supporting entrepreneurship seem to be creating a vortex of attention and are able it comes to keeping young people."

Places such as Boston and Lowell, Massachusetts.

"Every time we looked at different areas, they seemed to be doing a good job at keeping young people in smaller cities."

Hemmings says New Brunswick has the ability to reverse the anti-opportunity narrative, and work on keeping its young people here with entrepreneurship tactics.

"We have something so special even Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and Newfoundland are lagging behind in. We have such a connected community here."

"There's a desire amongst the investment community in New Brunswick to help support small startups. Especially social entrepreneurship startups."


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