The Crown has dropped its case against 45-year-old Michael Claude MacGarvie who was charged with dangerous driving causing bodily harm after allegedly hitting a Canada Post carrier from Campbellton.

"I can confirm with you that following the receipt of further material from the RCMP and a subsequent re-assessment of the case, Public Prosecution Services, which are independent from government in their functions, made the decision that their threshold test could no longer be met," Sheila Lagacé, spokeswoman the Office of the Attorney General, wrote in an email.

"Accordingly, the charge was withdrawn."

When asked what that threshold was, Lagacé responded by saying the Public Prosecutions' policy manual states, "the Crown Prosecutor must be satisfied that there is evidence to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction."

Father left in critical condition

Chris Snow was struck by a vehicle in November, leaving him in critical condition.

He was airlifted to Moncton and his parents, who live just outside Campbellton, rushed to his bedside.

In late December, Barbara and Len Snow told CBC News about their son and his road to recovery.  

Chris was in intensive care on a ventilator and making progress slowly.

He has a 10-year-old son.

At the time, Len Snow described the support from the people of Campbellton around his son as "incredible." 

Neither of his parents could be reached for comment immediately.

With files from Kate Letterick