Now that beach season has arrived, one New Brunswick man can be found spending his time using a metal detector searching through the sand at Killarney Lake in Fredericton.

Steve Bober is a part of a group called Ringfinders, which acts as a kind of lost and found service for reuniting people with their jewelry.

Friday marked an anniversary of the first ring he ever found using his equipment.

Steve Bober

Steve Bober is hard at work in Killarney Lake in Fredericton. (Julianne Hazlewood/CBC)

"It was for a couple who had lost the wedding ring within 24 hours of the wedding in the water, so I went out and found it for them," said Bober.

As Bober visits the beach at Killarney Lake, lifeguards often ask him to take a look under the water whenever beachgoers report fishing hooks or sharp objects in the lake.

"I pull [it] out and take [it] with me so that they don't end up injuring the kids or any of the bigger kids who are playing in the water," he said.