Country singer Mélanie Cormier of Cap Pelé is the latest New Brunswicker to make a big impression on La Voix, with all four judges turning around as she performed.

The judges on the Quebec version of The Voice all turned around at once as she sang Some Days You Gotta Dance by the Dixie Chicks.

"I just got nervous when they actually called my name ... so I thought okay, it's now or never, they're either going to turn or I'm going to be embarrassed," she said in an interview on CBc Radio's Shift.

Cormier said she was looking for a short song that would show off her voice.

'It's the ideal thing that can happen in that moment ... I really never thought that the four would turn.' - Mélanie Cormier

"This particular song has a lot of twang to it, it has the raspiness and I can do a little grit with my voice, so I thought this a good song to demonstrate everything I can do in a short period of time."

Cormier joins fellow New Brunswicker, 22-year-old Travis Cormier of Dieppe, on La Voix. Last month all four judges also turned around for him in the blind auditions when he sang Dream On by Aerosmith.

Watching the show and seeing the reaction of the judges, who initially had their backs to her, was a thrill Cormier said.

"That was my favourite part," Cormier said. "It's the ideal thing that can happen in that moment ... I really never thought that the four would turn."

Cormier, who also goes by the name Melanie Morgan, was the runner up just a few years ago in a CBC Television singing competition called Cover Me Canada.

She says the shows are similar in many ways, and taking part in Cover Me Canada prepared her for the stress that comes with reality television.

"What's the worst that can happen, really? Just sing and it's going to be good."

Cormier will perform next at the end of February as part of the battle rounds, where two singers perform the same song together. 

"I'm not afraid of what they're going to give me," she said.