Moncton woman denies trying to mislead police with assault story

A Moncton woman told police she was assaulted by an unknown man on a city trail in July pleaded not guilty Friday to two counts of mischief.

Megan DeWolfe was charged with mischief after reporting she was assaulted on a city walking trail

Megan DeWolfe, 21, pleaded not guilty to two charges of public mischief after telling RCMP she'd been assaulted on a trail in a Moncton park. (Pierre Fournier/CBC)

A Moncton woman who told police she was assaulted walking on a city trail in July pleaded not guilty Friday to two charges of mischief.

Megan DeWolfe, 21, appeared in provincial court Friday and said she would represent herself.

She said she had not applied for legal aid because she is accused of summary conviction offences and was told these weren't covered.

But duty counsel Jean Trehan said the charges are serious and could lead to jail time. He advised DeWolfe to apply for legal aid. 

DeWolfe is to appear again on Nov. 3 so the court can see if she has a lawyer.

Megan DeWolfe told CBC News in July that she was walking down a Mapleton Park trail when she was grabbed by a man who tried to pull her into the woods. (Ian Bonnell/Radio-Canada)

​DeWolfe told CBC News on July 3 that she was walking in Mapleton Park around 8 a.m. when an unknown man tried to grab her.

She reported the incident to police, who investigated and later charged her with three counts of mischief. The Crown then withdrew one of the charges.

DeWolfe is charged with intending to mislead Const. Brian O'Regan on July 3 after reporting she was assaulted when she wasn't.

The second charge alleges she intended to mislead Const. Alex L'Heureux into investigating the assault when it hadn't happened.

Earlier, Sgt. Chantal Farrah of the RCMP said Codiac RCMP concluded the assault didn't happen.

When DeWolfe spoke to CBC News in July, she said she was walking on the Mapleton Park trail off Frampton Lane on her way to get a coffee when a man tried to grab her. 

She said she fought him off and ran home to call police.

The footpath off Frampton Lane in Mapleton Park. (Ian Bonnell/Radio-Canada)

She said she walked the trail every morning but was afraid to leave her house after the incident.

Frampton Lane is part of Mapleton Park, about 121 hectares of city-operated space popular among local people and tourists.