A Moncton company hopes to begin selling medical marijuana from its facility this spring.

Jim Laffoley is the president and CEO of OrganiGram Inc., a medicinal marijuana grower and distributor.

He has been granted a license by Health Canada to operate a 20,000-square-foot plant in the city.

Laffoley said before that happens, the company's facility will have to be thoroughly inspected.  

“There's a security level that's required, both in terms of the people who are involved in the business, and even more so the physical location and infrastructure of security designed to protect the facility,” he said.

“At the end of the day we're manufacturing a narcotic, no different than Percocet or OxyContin so we need to put in the proper protocols.”

Laffoley said his company will send orders directly to patients across the country.

“Every single gram of marijuana and marijuana byproduct has to be controlled and tracked by the licensed producer and when a prescription is being filled, it is filled via secure courier method, door to door service. There is no store front, nobody will be coming to our location to pick up their medicine,” he said.

Depending on demand, Laffoley said his company could triple in size within three years.