Some McAdam residents are hoping to convince the provincial government to fix a road that they say has fallen into deplorable condition.

Route 630 is their main link to St. Stephen, St. George and Saint John.

But Albert Bodechon, a McAdam resident, said the road's poor condition makes the road dangerous.

"It's just so rough it beats the front end out of my vehicle," he said.

"I travel it two or three times a week, and the other problem is the brush is hanging over the edge of the road so I've come close to hitting a moose a couple times here."

Darlene Day commutes almost daily from McAdam to St. George. She said the new car she bought last year is already rattling and has had some mechanical problems.

And she said she has hit a moose on her way home from work.

Day has complained to two MLAs and McAdam's mayor, but she said she has seen little action. So she has started a petition to get the road fixed.

York Progressive Conservative MLA Carl Urquhart said he knows the road isn't up to par.

But with only $544,000 in his riding's budget for road repairs, brush cutting and signage, paving that stretch of road right now isn't realistic.

"I've got a riding as big as P.E.I. pretty well," he said.

"The road is bad — there's a lot worse roads in my riding. But we are putting extra patching on it and last year we put an extra $25,000 into the bush cutting."

Day said the section of road most in need of attention measures about nine-and-a-half kilometres.

Urquhart said the provincial government will be lucky to repave one or two kilometres of road a year.