Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside requested a police presence at Monday’s council meeting over concerns of further civil disobedience.

A city police officer was stationed at the entrance to the city council chambers on Monday evening, which is one of the first times the city has asked an officer to stay on guard during a meeting.

Woodside said he made the request personally to city police for an officer to be at the council meeting.

"I had heard or there was intelligence that things might have gotten out of hand [Monday] night. And I did not want that to happen, so it was a precautionary thing," Woodside said.

"There were more than one group that had requested an audience with council and were denied. Just wanted to make sure that civil order was maintained."

Two weeks ago about 30 anti-shale gas protesters showed up unexpectedly at Fredericton city council.

Mark D'Arcy and his wife took over the podium to demand their views be heard on the contentious issue of shale gas exploration and hydro-fracking.

The two wanted Fredericton council to pass a bylaw that would ban the practice inside the city.

Woodside told the group he agreed with their stance, but he refused to pass a bylaw.

The group was ordered out of the chambers after some tense moments.

Woodside would not identify who he was worried about this week, but he said the police guard at the council meeting "was a one-time thing."