It seems Tiny the cat, Fredericton's famous once-flabby feline, has a rival.

The Greater Moncton SPCA has a cat named Michelin that's tipping the scales at about 32 pounds (14.5 kilograms).

That's about three times the size of an average shorthaired house cat.


The Greater Moncton SPCA hopes to see Michelin transformed to Slim Mick. (Facebook)

Vet Care is fostering Michelin and hopes to see him transformed to "Slim Mick," according to a Facebook post by the SPCA.

"HUGE ( pardon the pun) thanks to our friends at Vet Care for fostering this fellow and helping him get back on his feet," it states.

The SPCA will be posting Michelin's weight-loss progress and hopes to find him a "forever home."

"A healthy weight is crucial to your pet's well being. This is not cute," the post stresses.

Obesity is a risk factor for feline diabetes, breathing problems and arthritis.


Tiny weighed about 13.7 kilograms when he was dropped off at the Fredericton SPCA on Dec. 30, 2011. (SPCA)

Tiny the "wonder" cat was 30.2 pounds (13.7 kilograms) when he was dropped off at the Fredericton SPCA on Dec. 30, 2011.

He was the largest cat ever seen at the shelter and made international headlines.

But Tiny slimmed down to just over 17 pounds earlier this year after the SPCA put him on a weight-loss challenge as a way to raise funds for his special low-calorie, high-protein diet and other special needs animals.

Tiny also exercised by chasing a laser light or green feather wand for about a minute before taking a snack or rest break.

According to, a realistic weight loss target for overweight cats is approximately one pound per month.