A Fredericton-area family is preparing for another massive Christmas light display, one that promises to be even larger than last year.

Thousands of New Brunswickers found their way to Lincoln last December to take a look at Dany and Catherine Falle’s Christmas display.

Falle programmed 20,167 lights to flash to the beat of holiday music, which they could hear on their car radios.

The couple raised roughly $14,000 for a children’s charity last year and another $800 for their Halloween display last month in donations from people who appreciated the light show.

This year, however, the display promises to be even larger.

There are now more than 28,000 lights on this year’s display. A new giant nutcracker, alone, has 7,000 lights.


Dany Falle programmed more than 28,000 to flash to holiday music. (CBC)

The popular holiday light show drew thousands of onlookers last year and that caused some problems for the couple’s neighbours.

The long lines of cars waiting to see the spectacle blocked some nearby residents from getting to their homes.

So this year, the light show is turning into a community project.

The Falles will be pushing back the start time of the light show to 6:30 p.m. and the display will last 15 minutes, instead of 45 minutes. These changes are designed to keep traffic moving and reduce the impact on their neighbours.

As well, some local residents will also help out the Falles by pointing onlookers to a new route.

Vehicles will now be guided by volunteers to a different route that will keep one side of the road free for residents to get by. 

Jean Robinson, a neighbour, said she loves the show but she also remembers the massive lineups it caused.

"I [would] come outside and it was just a steady stream of lights, yellow lights, heading up that way. It was just bumper to bumper to bumper," she said.

Yancy Mugford said he rejoices in his neighbour's obsession and the interest in generates with so many people.

"It’s what it’s all about, you know, kids come and they listen. Last year, we had people parking in our yard," he said.