Mark Arsenault

Mark Arsenault was the president and CEO of the New Brunswick Forest Products Association for eight years. He left last week by mutual agreement. (CBC)

There has been a shake-up at one of the province's key industry organizations.

Mark Arsenault left the New Brunswick Forest Products Association last week, after serving eight years as its president and chief executive officer.

The association represents most of the major players in the province's $1.4-billion forest industry.

Arsenault said it was time to move on.

"It was a very mutual and agreed upon departure," he said.

Arsenault said he will continue to support the association.

"I plan to be an ally in the future with them as well."

Kevin Jewett, the president of Fornebu Lumber in Miramichi and a member of the forest products association's board, said the departure of Arsenault and another staff member provide an opportunity for a strategic review of the group's operation.

"We're just having the meetings now so we can determine what that will look like in the future," said Jewett.

"But definitely the New Brunswick Forest Products Association is alive and well."