Maritime Bus has scrambled to find a new location to drop off and pick up passengers and parcels in Campbellton after the abrupt closure of a convenience store on Water Street last week.

The bus pulled into the Water Street location on Thursday to find the store it was using as an agency was closed and in receivership.


Maritime Bus president Mike Cassidy. (CBC)

"We had parcels. We had people with tickets and we were fortunate enough to get into the building to retrieve our parcels," said company president Mike Cassidy.

After a week of looking for a new location in Campbellton to operate out of, Cassidy has worked out a deal with the Circle K Mainway near the J.C. Van Horne Bridge.

Cassidy says with only about a dozen passengers on the bus in Campbellton, he could have dropped the stop in the city altogether, but chose not to.

"Some people could say, 'Well, that could have been Mike Cassidy's excuse for Maritime Bus to pull out of the region,'" he said.

"I turned it around. It was the opposite. That was our incentive to find an agent."

Cassidy says he has a temporary licence to service Campbellton until the end of August and hopes to see traffic pick up to at least 20 passengers per trip during the summer.