Maritime Bus has moved its Fredericton terminal to a location closer to the city's downtown.

The terminal for the inter-city bus line is now located at the corner of Smythe and Dundonald streets. It opened on Aug. 30.

The company had been operating out or the former Acadian Lines location off Hanwell Road near the outskirts of the city.

Mike Cassidy, the owner of Maritime Bus, says the move addresses customer complaints.

"Where can you become more convenient? Where can you become well lit? . . . save $4 or $6 on your taxi ride? Pick up a bowl of soup or a bag of chips?" said Cassidy.

"Everything on that corner, in my mind, answered the complaints of our passengers."

Fredericton's inter-city bus terminal has historically been in the city's downtown business district.

However, that changed after Acadian Lines bought the business and set up operations on the city's outskirts, initially in the city's industrial park and later at the location around Hanwell Road.

The move from the city centre drew criticism from passengers and students who found the new location inconvenient.

"My No. 1 goal since last fall was to find a better location," said Cassidy.

"And, secondly, try to be up and ready for the start of the school season."

The location at Smythe and Dundonald has previously been home to a gasoline station and to a car rental company.

Cassidy said the location is big enough for buses to manoeuvre in the area.

"I'm very pleased how that big 45-foot bus can position and still allow accessibility," said Cassidy.

There will only be five buses a day at the terminal, with the arrival and departure times being outside of the local morning and afternoon rush hours.

There won't be any fuelling, maintenance or washing of buses on the site, he said.

The permit for the terminal is temporary while the company follows regular city zoning procedures.

Maritime Bus began providing inter-city bus service in the Maritime provinces in on Dec. 1, 2012. Acadian Lines shut down its operations at the end of November 2012, citing the loss of millions of dollars operating in the region over the years.

Cassidy described the business "a challenge," but said it is "going well."

Maritime Bus recorded its highest number of monthly fares in August with 587 and Cassidy said he is looking forward to a good fall.

Cassidy said he is confident the business is sustainable.