The Marigolds on Main Street campaign wants to add trees to its planting program in Saint John and continue year-round.

The group would like to add spruce trees to the thousands of flowers it plants, said organizer Barry Ogden.

"It would be nice to see some green mixed with the snow," Ogden said. "The leaves are all gone a good portion of the year, so how do we mix that deciduous with the coniferous forest?"

Ogden pointed to Irving's tree planting along Route 1 in Saint John as a good start to making the city more attractive.

White spruce a good option

Schoolyards are where more trees are really needed, he said.

"Our schools look like jails. You know, they're bricked up, small windows that have steel screens over them, everything's paved. That's not conducive to good learning at all," said Ogden, who started fundraising for the campaign after Boxing Day.

If the group proceeds with the plan, it should be careful about the kinds of trees that are planted because some pine species don't do well in Saint John's climate, said Duncan Kelbaugh, owner of Brunswick Nurseries.

Kelbaugh recommended the native white spruce as a hardy option.

"That would be a good one to go with. And it's nice to use native species and then the wildlife are more at home in them and they're more resistant to diseases that might be around, said Kelbaugh.