Greater Saint John's Marigold Project has earned a spot in the Guinness World Records for the number of flowers being planted at once.

More than 5,600 students simultaneously planted marigolds at 52 sites between Sussex and St. Stephen on June 6.

The previous record was held by a community in China with more than 1,200 participants.

"This was a gargantuan effort of over 2,000 volunteers and sponsors, plus the thousands of children, parents, grandparents and their teachers," founder Barry Ogden said in a statement on Wednesday, after being notified by Guinness.

"A big thank you to all," he said.

"This shows our community can be creative, hard working, caring and can implement great ideas," said Ogden.

"We did this and it came from us. We empowered ourselves and we taught our children to empower themselves and show how much pride we/they have in our community."

Ogden says in the past 16 years, tens of thousands of children planted more than three million marigolds in the Fundy region.

The project started as a beautification project in the City of Saint John called Marigolds on Main Street, but has blossomed to include the Greater Saint John and Fundy area.