Maple syrup producers in central and southern New Brunswick are hoping for a better season this year.

While those in the north did quite well last year, warm temperatures and floods led to a poor harvest for central and southern regions.

Some producers in the Moncton area didn't even put out taps in 2012, said Yvon Poitras, general manager of the Maple Syrup Producers Association.

"They lost quite a bit of money last year. So in cases like that, they have to go to the bank. They have to refinance, postpone payments and just hope that everything will be fine this year. Because there's not much they can do," said Poitras.

"Like, if you have two [bad seasons] in a row, you've got a serious problem. You may have to shut down or you may have to refinance the whole thing and banks are not too, too crazy to refinance sugar operations because who controls it? Mother Nature."

Cold nights and not-too-warm days are what are needed for a good maple syrup harvest, Poitras explained.

According to producers, some could start boiling sap as early as next week, he said.