A maple syrup producer in the Fredericton area says his season has rebounded after last month's sap-drying, record-high temperatures.

But some other New Brunswick producers have not been as fortunate, said Paul Reynolds, who owns and operates Little Mactaquac Maples. He says their trees started budding during the March heat wave, effectively ending the season early.

Reynolds said only a small portion of his trees were affected by the mild weather. He recently retapped and is feeling optimistic with the return to normal temperatures and cooler nights.

"We've produced so far about 160 litres of syrup which is 6,500 litres of sap and we've got half of that in the last three days," said Reynolds.

"We are hoping for at least this much production again over the next few days if the weather forecast holds true and the trees agree with it.

"It looks like we should still be in season all this week and into next weekend. There'll be lots of syrup out there for everybody."

New Brunswick experienced unseasonably warm weather in March, with temperatures reaching the mid-20C range in some areas.