Election streeter

Voter Carolyn Legacy says government accountability is the most important issue to her and she'd like to see more transparency. (CBC)

The provincial election campaign is in its early days, but many voters already know what issues are important to them.

For some, like Kenn Horsman of Moncton, it's all about health care.

"I think the French and English medical system should be combined," said Horsman.

Vivianne Boudreau of Beresford has a different priority.

"I think environment is very, very important, because if that goes, we're not here anymore," Boudreau said.

Many other said the economy and job creation were top of mind.

Some, including Tim Barry, see the shale gas industry as a solution.

"I've heard Frank McKenna say this shale gas issue would create jobs and we could be a have province in the not too distant future," said Barry.

Others said they were worried about what shale gas would mean for the environment.

You can find out more about these election issues on CBC's New Brunswick Votes 2014.

The election takes place on Sept. 22.