Matt Andersen going ahead with Manchester concert Wednesday night

New Brunswick singer Matt Andersen is on tour in Europe and the U.K., with a show scheduled for Manchester just two days after the terrorist bombing. It's become a fundraiser.

Gig goes ahead despite bombing, singer donating proceeds to victims fund

Matt Andersen posted this photo on his Facebook site Tuesday when he arrived in Manchester (Facebook/Matt Andersen)

When Matt Andersen got his itinerary for his current solo tour of the U.K. and Europe, it looked pretty normal, with club and festival shows running through May and into June.

But by coincidence, he's landed in the place everyone is watching right now, the city of Manchester.

Andersen was scheduled to play the Night and Day Cafe on Wednesday night, just two days after a suicide bomb attack a concert at the city took the lives of 22 people.

The show is still happening, despite the attack.

"They all decided to go ahead with the gig tonight," Andersen said from the venue, before show time. "There is definitely a 'you're not going to scare us' kind of vibe with the folks here."

The New Brunswick-born singer is donating the proceeds of a show in Manchester to the families victimized by the terrorist bombing in Manchester. (Sonic Entertainment)

Andersen, like most people in Manchester, is focused on relief efforts for the families of victims and the many injured in the bombing.

He's directing people on his Facebook site to the donation address,, and he's announced that proceeds from the show are going to the Just Giving Fund as well.

"Amazing to see the love and support this community is showing each other," he wrote. "You're a beautiful and strong city, Manchester."

Andersen, who arrived in the city on Tuesday and has been able to spend time with people there, said they are determined not to let the fear from terrorism take over their lives.

"They are all carrying on business as usual," he said. "Pretty inspiring really."