NB - Saint John standoff

Police officers respond to a standoff Tuesday in Saint John's north end. (CBC)

A man in his twenties was arrested following a standoff Tuesday in Saint John's north end.

The incident closed Sussex Drive for hours preventing people from reaching their homes.

Neighbours say the problems began with a domestic dispute in one of the units in the three-storey apartment building.

Police and an ambulance responded. But later in the morning police returned in force. Uniformed officers carrying long guns and then members of the tactical unit.

"We were actively looking for the suspect and that's what brought us to this building," said Saint John Police Staff Sgt. Michael King.

NB - Standoff at Saint John apartment

Police were called to a three-storey apartment building on Saint John's Sussex Drive Tuesday morning. (CBC)

It was believed the suspect had weapons with him in the unit, said King.

"Based on the threat assessment of what was taking place here, we felt it was important to bring in the tactical unit to effect the arrest," he said.

A negotiator was also brought in and played a key role in bringing the standoff to an end. 

At around 1:30 p.m. the man surrendered to police.

"I seen them take a young fellow out in a red T-shirt, put him in a cop car and police said everything —  everybody can go now," said witness Peter Harris.

No weapons were found.

Police say it is too early to talk about charges.