A Dieppe company is partnering with a U.S. firm in an effort to win a $1-billion contract to build 750 armoured military vehicles for the Department of National Defence.

Malley Industries is partnering with South Carolina-based Force Protection Industries in a bid that would construct 750 tactical armoured patrol vehicles.


Steen Gunderson said the Dieppe company could create 120 direct jobs and as many as 500 indirect jobs if it wins the $1-billion defence contract. (CBC)

If successful, Malley would do all the work in New Brunswick, creating about 120 jobs as well as up to 500 more through spinoff work.

Steen Gunderson, an official with Malley Industries, said it could also mean up to 500 more jobs through spinoff work.

"Us working with companies locally to share that around and offer that to the guys within the region. So we can all benefit. And we can all develop our businesses," he said.

Malley Industries employs roughly 75 people and is known as an ambulance manufacturer.

The facility was used by Prime Minister Stephen Harper during the 2011 election as a backdrop for a speech on economic development.

The nickname for the vehicle is "Timberwolf"

Widespread benefits

Several companies from around New Brunswick are trying to become involved with the Timberwolf project.


The Timberwolf, the Canadian Forces Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle, that Malley Industries is hoping will be assembled in Dieppe. (forceprotection.net)

Gordon Green, the president of MetalFab in Centreville, a company that normally builds fire trucks, said his company's track record is a perfect fit for Timberwolf.

"They always have to work right the first time. That is what they're looking for here for the military as well, for vehicles that work properly every time," Green said.

Wayne Guitard, who owns a Minto-based metal fabrication company, said he is also looking to help out in the defence project.

Guitard said if his company is successful in supplying parts for the Timberwolf project, it would mean a great deal for his community.

"We would benefit financially and we would benefit in certainly our community, getting jobs in our community," he said.

Malley Industries is competing with three other companies for the lucrative defence contract.

The federal government will make its decision on Malley and three other bidding companies by June.