A small mail plane made an emergency landing on Lebel Road in New Denmark near Grand Falls just before 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

Two people were on the plane. Both are uninjured.

The pilot is from Halifax. 

tire marks

Tire marks on the grass show where the plane landed near Lebel Road in New Denmark. (Pierre Ouelette, Grand Falls Aviation)

Claude Ouellette, the president and owner of Grand Falls Aviation Service, said the Cessna Caravan mail plane made an emergency landing in New Denmark after having some problems with their propeller.

He said there is no other damage to the plane.

"He tried to land on the road but there was a car on the road. There's a road here with no line at all," he said. 

"So they decided to stay in the field."

Oullette said there is no damage to the plane and that both on board are "super lucky" to have landed safely.