The Oromocto Fire Department and the RCMP saved a black Labrador retriever from drowning earlier this week after it was trapped under a marina dock.

Dale Johnson, the assistant deputy fire chief in Oromocto, said the fire department was called to the Oromocto Marina by a member of the boat club on Monday who was trying to help save a dog that had become trapped under a dock.

Johnson said the owners and another person were able to pry off one plank of the dock but they could not get the dog out of the water. He said the dog was stuck between the floaters under the dock.

When the firefighters arrived, the dog was being held above the water so it wouldn't drown but it could not be brought out of the river.

Oromocto marina dock

A section of the Oromocto Marina's dock was cut open so the dog could be rescued. (Oromocto Fire Department/Twitter)

Johnson said they were able to remove another board from the dock with a saw. That allowed the group to rescue Lola.

"The dog is extremely lucky. If the dog was a bit more tired, it might not have survived," he said.

Johnson said Lola did not hide her emotions once she got out of the water.

"The dog came out of the water, shook itself off, its tail was wagging and it went right over to its owner," he said.

The problem started after a game of fetch between Lola and her owners went awry. 

The retriever went into the water as a part of the game but she wasn't able to get out of the river.

"The dog got caught up in the current [of the St. John River] and the current brought the dog to the dock," he said.

Johnson said Lola's experience should be a warning to anyone who is playing in the St. John River.

"The St. John River has strong currents. The dog we rescued could have been a child or an adult in the water, the currents are that strong," he said.