Lower Coverdale couple nearly $10M richer

New Brunswick's newest millionaires say the nearly $10 million they won in the Lotto 6/49 won't change them, and they'll use it to cover expenses such as their mortgage and the cost of a garage renovation.

Peter and Rhonda Lockhart win 6/49 jackpot

New Brunswick's newest millionaires say the nearly $10 million in lottery winnings won't change them.

Peter and Rhonda Lockhart both work at Canada Post and the couple learned this week they were the lucky winners in a Lotto 6/49 draw. They matched all six numbers on their ticket in Wednesday's draw and that paid out $9,985,306.70.

Rhonda Lockhart said she will keep her job, but Peter is mulling over retirement.

"Just going to keep living the way I've been living," Peter Lockhart said.

"Don't have to worry about going to the mailbox and picking up a bill. Only bill is going to be hydro and telephone, and they come in every month. Everything is going to be paid off ... mortgage, the whole nine yards."

The couple found out they had the winning ticket on their fifth wedding anniversary. While the news is still sinking in, they have decided how they will spend some of their millions.

The Lockharts say they will renovate their house and build a two-car garage. The garage will come in handy for the new truck Peter Lockhart plans to buy.

Lockhart said he's bought lotto tickets for 40 years.

He's even had some small wins — $1,000 back in 1978 and he split a $5,000 prize once among 10 friends.

This is his first big win and may not be Lockhart's last. He said he's ready to go out and buy another ticket on Saturday.