Fredericton police officer pleads not guilty to impaired charges

​Fredericton Police Force Cpl. Lou Lafleur has pleaded not guilty to two impaired driving-related charges.

Cpl. Lou Lafleur faces charges relating to incident in July

​A Fredericton police officer facing two impaired driving-related charges had not guilty pleas entered on his behalf in provincial court on Monday.

Cpl. Lou Lafleur is facing two counts related to impaired driving and has pleaded not guilty. (Twitter)
Cpl. Lou Lafleur is charged with alternate counts of impaired driving, and of having elevated blood alcohol levels while in care and control of a vehicle.

The charges stem from an alleged incident on July 8.

Lawyer T.J. Burke entered the pleas on Lafleur's behalf in Fredericton court.

"We intend to pursue the matter fully and vigorously on his behalf," Burke told reporters following the proceedings.

Lafleur, who has been restricted to administrative desk duty since the time of the alleged incident, was not present in court.

"He's very emotional about this particular issue," said Burke. "He is a police officer with plenty of years of experience and understands the system quite better than most individuals who have been charged with criminal offences before."

Lawyer T.J. Burke says he plans to pursue a 'vigorous' defence on behalf of Cpl. Lou Lafleur. (Catherine Harrop/CBC)
A trial has been scheduled for June 21.

Edmundston-based Crown prosecutor Pierre Rouselle will handle the trial.

Lafleur is one of two Fredericton officers charged with impaired driving.

Const. Darrell Ian Brewer has pleaded not guilty and has a trial scheduled for April 27-28.

"There is no question that the Fredericton city police department has been under tremendous scrutiny," said Burke.

"Its officers have been under some scrutiny. The public has been scrutinizing the actions of officers and this is unfortunate for the city and our department and the officers themselves," he said.

"I can't comment specifically on what was in my client's mind that evening, I can't comment on what's on anybody's mind that particular evening. They're the person that has to justify their actions. However ... the law is set up in a way to make sure people get a proper defence and again, what we're going to do is provide him a vigorous defence to these charges."