Large piles of tree limbs, leaves and other debris still line the streets of Fredericton almost three weeks after post-tropical storm Arthur bought down thousands of trees in the city.

The City of Fredericton lost an estimated 4,000 trees to the storm. That number doesn't include trees on private property that were destroyed by the storm's high winds and heavy rain.


Glen Coles of Fredericton says it has been a long wait for city crews to start collecting tree debris from post-tropical storm Arthur three weeks ago. (CBC)

City crews have been clearing debris non-stop since the storm. But it will be next week before homeowners will have their debris taken away.

Homeowners, such as Glen Coles, say they are tired of looking at the mess.

"It was a little bit of a long wait," said Coles.

"It still is a long wait. I understand crews are working around the clock to get as much done as they can.  But on that note, some sort of prep or awareness should have been done."

Don Murray, Fredericton's forester, says he understands some people are frustrated by how long it is taking to clean up from post-tropical storm Arthur.

But he said he wants people to understand how much has already been done by crews who normally just have to deal with cleaning up raked leaves and Christmas trees.


Don Murray, Fredericton's city forester, said he expects curbside clean-up of tree debris from post-tropical storm Arthur will take a week. (CBC)

"Oh, there's no comparison," said Murray.

"This is probably 100 years worth of spring cleanups for us. Hopefully we've never see this again. It's been quite a learning experience for us."

The city has three depots where the dead trees and debris are being deposited by crews and homeowners, who dispose of their own material.

Already, there are tons of material at the sites and the areas are such a fire risk that security crews have been hired to watch the sites around the clock.

Fredericton's curb side pickup begins on Monday morning. Any debris left after the curbside collection finishes will be the responsibility of the property owners.

Residents are being asked to gather debris is two separate piles:

  • Pile 1 is larger organic debris only, with trees and limbs in an unobstructed pile, away from power lines and other trees.
  • Pile 2 is leaves in compostable paper bags and small organic debris.

Material such as wooden fences, building materials, construction debris, garbage and non-compostable items will not be picked up as part of the Arthur curbside collection.

"I would like to think it'll take us a week, but it may take longer depending on how much material comes out over the weekend," said Murray.

Debris pickup in local service districts around Fredericton will also take place next week. Property owners who want tree debris removed have to telephone 453-2838 before noon on Monday to register.