Lobster season opens on Fundy coast

The lobster season got underway Sunday in Alma but the excitement of the start of the season is being overshadowed by low prices.

Fishermen are bracing for low prices

Lobster season opens on New Brunswick's Fundy coast. 1:23

The lobster season has opened in Districts 35 and that made for a busy morning at the wharf in Alma, N.B.

"The adrenaline is flowing, everybody on the wharf is happy and ready to get back at it," said Graham Copp. "Two and a half months off for us now, so we're ready to go back fishing for sure."

"We still don't know what's going to happen with the price," said Copp. "They're talking about four dollars a pound but we're hoping for more than that. We're hoping for a big season for sure."

While lobster fishermen were excited to get their traps back into the water, prices have been low for several years in a row. Fishermen say the prices aren't high enough for them to make a profit.

"Once the price got down it never really seemed to recover," said Eric Lockhart, a lobster fisherman for the last 18 years. "I think the economy has had a lot to do with everything."

Both Lockhart and Copp expect the price will be somewhere in the range of four dollars per pound. That price will depend on the quality of the lobster.

"Last fall was a phenomenal fall, everybody was up in their catches," said Copp. "But the price has been down and not good for us, for everywhere. We're hoping for some hard lobsters, if we get a good product, that always makes the price better for sure."

The four dollar mark is higher than what some P.E.I. lobster fishermen were getting this year. The season just ended for fishermen in ports like Victoria-By-The-Sea and Borden, where the price for market lobsters was only $2.75 a pound.

Despite the price pressures, 95 licensed lobster fishermen left the Alma wharf and other wharves in the area shortly after 9:30 on Sunday morning.