Fishermen in the Bay of Fundy say lobster catches are strong this year. (CBC)

Lobster season is underway in the Bay of Fundy and early indications suggest a year of big catches.

The weather has been a bit rough, but fishermen like Dale Mitchell hope that if it improves, catches will be strong.

"It looks good for the next coming years,” he said. “I'm 57, I figure it will do me out just fine, looking at things now."

The price right now is low, at $4 a pound. But Mitchell hopes volume will make up the difference.

A June report from Fisheries and Oceans Canada says Bay of Fundy records have been broken five years in a row. A spokesperson said it was too early to predict how this fall season will turn out.

But the president of the Grand Manan Fishermen's Association also says things are looking good, even though fishermen in that area started three days later than expected due to foul weather.

"Some of them have had record catches," Brian Guptill said, noting the shells are hard, and quality is good.

"So catches could stay up for a while.”