The Moncton Fire Department responded to a lightning strike at a home on Arlington Drive in Moncton, N.B., on Saturday.

Judy Salome, who lives around the corner from the house that was hit, said she heard what sounded like a "huge explosion."

"I thought my house blew up," she said. "I saw a flash of light, phone flew out of my hand, scared to death."

Salome went outside and saw what she said looked like the whole neighbourhood out to see what happened.

"A house down the street got hit, great big hole in the side of their house," she said.

"My next-door neighbour and the person across the street saw this big fireball in the middle of the street so we couldn't figure out what happened and the next thing you know the fire trucks are coming," Salome added.

NB Power crews were on scene with the Moncton Fire Department.

The family whose house was hit was not available for comment.

With files from Vanessa Blanch