Liberal Leader Brian Gallant wants to put an end to party insiders receiving special pensions when they leave government jobs. (CBC)

New Brunswick's Liberal Opposition has proposed a series of new rules that it says will reduce patronage.

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant says one bill would force MLAs to disclose whether immediate family members had government jobs.

He would also ban so-called special pensions paid to party insiders when they leave government jobs.

The outgoing cabinet of Shawn Graham gave Liberal insider Dana Clendenning a special pension when the party left office in 2010.

A similar pension went to Tory Rodney Weston when he left his job as fomer premier Bernard Lord's chief of staff after the 2006 election.

There's no provision for such pensions in law, but there's no ban on them either.        

Gallant says his bill would fix that.

"One of the things that we're trying to stop is when somebody hasn't qualified for any pension, but because there's a change in government, they may be looking elsewhere for employment, and then they're awarded a pension by the outgoing government," said Gallant.

"I think that's the situation that we definitely want eliminated."