Stephanie Tomilson wins Rothesay nomination

The New Brunswick Liberal Association is investigating a complaint into the nomination victory of Stephanie Tomilson in the riding of Rothesay. (Facebook)

The New Brunswick Liberal Association is looking into a complaint into how its freshly nominated candidate in Rothesay was elected.

Britt Dysart, the party's president, confirmed an appeal committee is investigating the nomination process that elected Stephanie Tomilson in Rothesay.

Dysart would not provide any details of the complaint or the investigation.

"Once the committee has taken a decision on the merits of the appeal, the decision will be released," he said.

Tomilson, who is the principal of Rothesay High School, was chosen as the candidate by party members on May 10.

Party rules allow people as young as 14 to vote in a candidate nomination meeting.

Tomilson defeated John Wilcox, a retired police officer, for the nomination.

Wilcox was the Liberal candidate the last time voters in Rothesay went to the polls in a byelection almost two years ago. Wilcox finished in second place behind Progressive Conservative Ted Flemming and just ahead of NDP Leader Dominic Cardy.

Tomilson and Wilcox couldn't be reached for comment about the complaint.

Flemming, who is the province’s health minister, is running again in September's election in the Rothesay riding.