Liberal finance critic Roger Melanson

Liberal finance critic Roger Melanson says his party will take a hard look at what government programs can be eliminated, but only after it takes power. (Jacques Poitras/CBC)

The Opposition Liberals are promising a full review of government spending if they are elected this fall.

The party delivered its official reply to the Alward government's 2014-2015 budget on Thursday, but was short on specifics about how the Liberals would eliminate the projected $391 million budget.

Liberal finance critic Roger Melanson says those details will come when the Liberals take office.

"There's certainly programs, there's certainly departments where strategically we can reduce the inefficiencies. I'm convinced there are programs that exist that are not as valuable, or meaningful, or useful as when they were created," he said.

"In a very strategic way, we'll assess all of them, and no programs will not be looked at."

Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Claude Williams says the Liberals will have to do better than that if they want to win the trust of voters.

"They missed a good opportunity to tell New Brunswickers what is their vision, what is their plan," he said.

The Alward government plans to balance the budget by 2017-2018 with what the Liberals have called $300 million of "mystery" tax increases and spending cuts.

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant has promised a detailed breakdown of what Liberal election promises will cost before New Brunswickers head to the polls on Sept. 22.