Liberal party organizers in Saint John on Friday received their first nominee interested in running for that city's seat in the House of Commons.

Stephen Chase, the deputy mayor of Saint John, said he's grown frustrated with the federal government's failure to fund projects needed to ensure the well-being of Saint John residents.

"We have a plan to build a clean and safe drinking water system. It's a big plan projected to cost $260 million. We have no commitment from the federal government and we need that commitment," said Chase.

"We have the only airport in Atlantic Canada that has not received funding. We may find ourselves without an airport. It'll be a problem for our economy, for tourism and this is very alarming," he said.

Chase said he intends to remain on city council during any spring campaigning.

His official announcement will be made on Monday.

Whoever the Liberals pick will face off against incumbent MP, Rodney Weston and NDP candidate Rob Moir.