Two of Moncton's most popular rinks are leaking.

Water has been dripping through the roofs of the Kay Arena and the Red Ball Internet Centre for years.

City councillors want to know how the leaky roofs are going to be fixed and who is going to pay for the repair.

The Kay Arena is only five years old.

Red Ball Internet Centre

Two of the Red Ball Internet Centre's ice surfaces were closed recently because of a leaky roof, says Coun. Charles Leger. (CBC)

"Since 2008 when it's been opened, we've had leaks over the ice surface and it just seems that nobody can fix the leaks," said Coun. Shawn Crossman, who goes often to the facility.

"They've actually put water buckets to collect the amount of water coming off the roof," he said. "It actually looked like a water fall."

Crossman says the contractor has been called in five times to fix the problem.

"I actually laugh about that," said Crossman. "Five times. You know, if it was my house and the contractor came to me five times later, I would be awfully upset.

"Not to mention that this is a multi-million-dollar building that's used by the public on a daily basis, and they're unable to solve the issue I guess."

Crossman wants to know whether it's time to give up on the existing roof and build a new one.

Coun. Charles Leger says there are similar leaks at the Redball Internet Centre, which has four ice surfaces. The worst of the leaks was a few weeks ago.

"Water was leaking in many places in the four-plex," said Leger. "In fact, two of the four ice surfaces were closed. There was water running in the main lobby."

The centre was built as a public-private partnership. Leger is worried about what condition the rink will be in when the city takes over ownership in a few years time.

City staff are preparing a report for councillors outlining the options for fixing the leaks and the estimated costs.