More layoffs at Salesforce Marketing Cloud have triggered an aggressive online campaign to snatch up the affected New Brunswick workers.

The California-based social media monitoring company is shedding 200 jobs and it estimates one-third of the employees who will be out of work are located in New Brunswick.

Within a day of the announcement, start-up tech companies started pursuing affected workers on Twitter and LinkedIn.

SwiftRadius CEO Scott MacIntosh said one company’s loss is another's gain.

"Those folks are golden in the industry. It's very hard to create supply for folks like that quickly. And I expect that there is a lot of demand in various areas for folks like that," he said.

'Those folks are golden in the industry.' —Scott MacIntosh

Jeff Thompson, founder of UserEvents in Fredericton, said the workers are attractive to the local technology industry.

"Incredible. I mean you're looking at folks that have anywhere from 12 months to maybe five years experience that they've gained on a world stage right here in our own backyard. So incredible talent, but more important, experience that when they walk in this door they're actually going to hit the ground running," he said.

"The really important thing I think to focus on is that the industry in New Brunswick is really strong. So I fully expect all of the folks that were impacted will get picked up very, very quickly."

Thompson said he expects many of the laid-off Salesforce workers should have new jobs by the end of next week if they haven't already been hired.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which bought the Fredericton-based Radian6 in March 2011, confirmed in October that it was eliminating about 100 jobs globally.

Those job cuts came four months after the social media monitoring company announced plans to create 300 new full-time jobs in Fredericton and Saint John with the help of a $3.8-million payroll rebate from the provincial government.

Salesforce is in the second year of the five-year payroll rebate agreement.