Bell Aliant

A Bell Aliant crew was working in the Fredericton area this week. Kingston Peninsula residents are eager to get phone and internet service restored. (CBC)

Electricity is slowly coming back across the Kingston Peninsula but some residents are more concerned about when they will have access to phone and internet service again.

Colleen Young had her power lines repaired on Monday but she is still missing her phone service. 

"We have no landline phone, we have no cellphone coverage in this area, never have," she said.

“So it's a safety issue.”

Jennifer Greene is a neighbour and is a new mother of twins. Until phone service is reconnected in the area, she has no way to communicate to people.

Kingston Peninsula power restoration

A Maritime Electric crew were working to restore power on the Kingston Peninsula on Monday. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

"We haven't had cell … we've been out of cell range the whole time, so we can't even get Wi-Fi," she said.

Both Young and Greene say they worry about they would do if there is an emergency before the phone service is restored.

“My husband has a heart condition. We've had to make several trips to emergency. We've never had to call an ambulance, but you just never know,” Young said.

She said the phone lines are just as important as the power lines to be restored.

Neither family has been told when their phone lines will be repaired.

NB Power lists its timetable for restoration work on its web site, but there's no such schedule for phone service.

Bell Aliant and Rogers said last week they were both working hard to restore phone and internet service to their customers.