Kouchibouguac National Park will offer oTENTiks this summer

Kouchibouguac National Park will offer oTENTiks this summer, a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin. (Courtesy of Parks Canada)

One of New Brunswick's national parks is entering the world of glamourous upscale camping, known as glamping, in a bid to attract new visitors.

Kouchibouguac will be renting out a new high-end shelter that's a cross between a rustic cabin and a tent this summer, said Camilla Vautour, the visitor experience manager at the park.

"It's a wooden frame with a canvas covering that frame and a wooden floor and inside that oTENTik tent if you want is four single beds and one double bed with mattresses, four chairs, a table, propane heat stove, you know, it's high level, I guess, tenting."

The park will also be offering a rent-a-tent camping kit, which will include a tent, sleeping pads, dining shelter, propane stove, cooking gear and a lantern, said Vautour. 

Park officials are hoping the move will help bring in people who may not have tenting equipment, such as urban dwellers and teenagers, she said.

The cost of the new tenting options will range between $55 and $90 per night.