A Kingston Peninsula man says too many drivers are driving well above the 60 km/h speed limit on the narrow, chip-sealed road near the Gondola Point ferry.

"A lot of them are doing probably double that," James Fleming told CBC News. "So somebody is going to get seriously hurt or killed."

Fleming called the RCMP to complain because he wants to see officers crack down.

Kingston Peninsula traffic

RCMP say they patrol the peninsula every day, especially during the work rushes. (CBC)

"He wants to bring lots of tickets. He'd fill a couple of books in a hurry," Fleming said. 

Up the road from Fleming's house, Kingston General Merchants sits at a four-way intersection with blind hills and two stop signs. Owner Steve Gatien says he's seen his share of accidents.

"It's just a known fact that people have been running that stop sign for the last 50 years," he said.

Gatien said he's seen the police staked out at the intersection, but any effect is short-lived.

"I think the only thing it ever produced was revenue."

Gatien said a sign to let people know an intersection is ahead would be a big help.

As for the RCMP, Cpl. Graham Milner said they patrol the Kingston Peninsula every day — especially before and after work when traffic is heavy.